Sydney's Crimson Hill development to launch Canopy Release next month

Property Observer - 28th April 2014

Jessie Richardson reports on the release of Crimson Hill’s Dunstan Grove.

Jessie comments on the fact that buyers of the Defence Housing Australia development are under no obligation to lease the properties back to Defence Force members.

DHA’s Managing Director Peter Howman talks about Crimson Hill’s newly-developed FIFA 2-star sports field.

“The fields have long been a well-patronised part of this area. We’re excited that as part of the new development, we’ve been able to improve something that has such a clear community benefit,” he said.

Duncan Tweed, chief executive of the Northern Suburbs Football Association provides his opinion on the new field, saying it allows teams to continue playing, despite the weather.

“We’ve been waiting for a field like this for a long time. It is fantastic – the best surface we have in our association,” he said.

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